Storing Your Bags And Accessories Guide

Knowing how to store your bags and accessories is a must, whether you are a man or a woman. Proper storage and cleaning of those things will lead to a longer life, beauty, and of course usage. Regardless of the cost of the item, here are a couple of tips that may just save their life for the long run.

For The Love Of Bags

Those who are crazy about bags have their own set of shelves where they can place their beloved purse or murse (man purse) on display, or until further usage. This is definitely an ideal set-up because the bag is not disturbed so there is no way that you will step over it, plus minimal chance of spilling water or juice on your precious.

However, if there is no such dedicated space in your room for the bags, you can always keep it inside the closet. Having a dustbag is one of the most ideal protections for it. Most luxury bags come with their own set of dustbag, but if yours doesn’t, or you bought your purse from the bargain, you can always obtain a dustbag from the store. Be mindful of leather bags. They are sensitive so you need to let it breathe once in a while, so taking it out of its storage a couple of times a month is recommended.

Hello Jewelries

Like the bag, bling jewelry needs to have proper storage, lest you want it to lose its luster, get lost in your room, or worse. You can always go for jewelry box, but if that is not your taste, you can have a DIY rack where the jewelry is displayed against the wall. Just take note that before you store these, make sure to wipe it clean, or the silver will look dull.

Fashionable With Scarves

Your scarf is not hard to store at all. It can be folded, hanged, or placed inside a designated box. As scarves are used all year round, not only in winter, it is a good idea to place it just in front of the closet where you can see it.

Each one of these items cost a fair amount of money. If you want to use it for a long time, proper storage and maintenance is the key. You don’t always have to pay more money to do this. Sometimes all you need is great organization and tips like these.

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