A Perfume For Every Occasion

They say that to each his own, and this holds true especially for the perfume you wear. Every person has his own preference, and one cannot simply imply what the best scent is. However, there is still a guideline you must follow in order to fit in with the occasion and here they are.

Scent For Date Nights:

Date nights can be generally categorized into two. There is one for your man or woman, and a totally different night out with friends and family. For the more intimate date night, musk is one of the most popular bases of perfume you can try. It is complex, very aromatic, and alluring. Perfect if you want to catch your date’s attention. Oriental undertones as well as spices are a must too. It excites the senses and gives you a daring appeal.

For night outs with girl friends and family, something with citrus will do. You can have fun switching your scent because you are with people close to your heart. Fruity undertones can give a playful effect, which is just right if you are up and about for drinks.

Scent For Holidays:

As different holidays are celebrated throughout the year, keep in mind the season and weather when choosing a perfume. For example, if it is Christmas, then in most places it is winter or at least cooler than most days. Heavier smell or undertones are recommended during this season for the scent to last. The opposite is needed in summer days. You want a mild smell so you will not overwhelm the people around you.

Scent For Everyday:

If you have scents for special occasions, then there is surely one for work or errands. For the more corporate setup, take care to match the smell you are wearing with the mood of the office. Have your signature sophisticated scent, but do not stand out too much. As for the errand day, a lighter perfume will do.

For every celebration, there is always a scent to accompany it. As we associate everything with smell, learn how to use what you are wearing to your advantage. The following tips will take you far, so keep it in mind the next time you are choosing a perfume.

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