6 Unusual Ways to Get Fit

Getting fit is often associated with hitting the gym and working up a sweat. However, not everyone enjoys going to the gym, and the sense of dread can inhibit workout progress and make it more difficult to reach fitness goals. If you’re looking for a way to get fit without going to the gym, try these unconventional workouts.

1. Yoga

Yoga can be done in the comfort of your own home with just a mat and some comfortable workout attire. You can purchase instructional videos that will teach you how to do each pose correctly. These poses will help you increase your flexibility and improve your muscle tone. Doing yoga can also improve your breathing and put you into a better state of mind.

2. Trampoline Workouts

Trampolining offers another workout alternative that allows you to get in better shape while having some fun. All the jumping and bouncing that you’ll be doing will help strengthen your leg and core muscles and burn calories. It’s best to use a large trampoline for your workouts so that you’ll have an easier time bouncing without getting injured. If you aren’t able to put a trampoline in your yard, there might be a trampoline center in your area that includes multiple bouncing apparatuses.

3. Trail Hiking

You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh outdoor air and improve your cardiovascular fitness by taking hikes along wilderness trails. Hiking on trails that have hills will give you even better workouts and can increase your endurance. If you’re hiking in the winter, wearing a pair of slip on ice cleats will provide greater stability while trekking along icy and snowy terrain.

4. Fencing

Fencing is a great workout for your legs and abs and can also help you develop better balance and coordination. You can find a fencing center in your area that offers classes and pairs you up with opponents for some safe combat. You’ll be using foil, épée and sabre swords to try to outwit your competitors and score points. Head-to-toe protective gear is worn to prevent injuries.

5. Paddle Boarding

If you live near a lake or another body of water with safe swimming conditions, paddle boarding can be a great exercise. You’ll develop a better sense of balance while burning calories and working multiple muscle groups. One of the biggest advantages to paddle boarding is that it’s a low-impact exercise, which means that your joints and ligaments won’t have to endure as much strain.

6. Ice Skating

Ice skating can be done throughout the year, and you probably live near an indoor ice rink that has public skating sessions on certain days of the week. Ice skating is one of the most beneficial lower-body exercises. You’ll also be burning calories as you glide across the ice. If you eventually want to start doing more advanced forms of ice skating, you can enroll in a local hockey club, take figure skating lessons or try speed skating.

Doing any of these workouts will help you reach your fitness goals while giving you the opportunity to try something new. You’ll likely forget that you’re even working out when you partake in any of these fitness activities.

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