3 Christmas Card Design Options

When Christmas rolls around, if you mail cards to your family, friends and other loved ones, it means that it is time to pick out that year’s design. While traditional Christmas cards are beautiful, in tune with the season and sentimental, there is no reason why you cannot have fun with them, too. Texas christmas cards, for example, are fun, festive and unique. If you are a Texas native, show a little Lone Star state pride while also celebrating the holiday.

Here are three more Christmas card options you may consider.

Family Picture

The family picture Christmas card has been a popular alternative to the pre-printed, store bought card option for numerous years. The evolution of the family picture is probably what keeps this selection a top choice. Outdoor family pictures add a natural element to their beauty, and the scenery selections give them a genuine vibe. Plus, families who stick to this card-type allow their loved ones to see the evolution of their family from new additions to the graceful aging of their members.

Favorite Teams

A Christmas card wishes the recipient a joyous holiday season. It acknowledges their existence and reminds them that they are an important part of your life. The card is also an opportunity for the sender to say a little about themselves without words. If you are a big sports fan who has a particular favorite team, chances are high that your favorite franchise sells Christmas merchandise, including cards. Purchasing a box of team-themed cards helps the team’s merchandise sales, and if you send them out early enough, can drop gift hints to those who may not know what gift to secure for you this time around.

Original Art

For those who are creative, Christmas cards present an easy opening for original art. Even if you decide to do a run of one original piece for all of your cards, it is still a card that you designed yourself. Not all recipients keep their cards, but they are appreciated when they arrive, and an original design may earn its way into a frame that is hung in their house.

The Christmas-card giving time of the year can be fun. If you give yourself time to pick out a an expressive card, it is worthwhile. Some card considerations include a family picture, favorite sports team or an original art piece.

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