How to Travel With a Toddler Without the Tears!

Now is the season where all of the movies you see on TV are all based on visiting family for the holiday season. And in all of these family-oriented movies, there seems to be one common theme – disaster! Whether it’s an angry parent or a broken down car, these movies sure do make traveling with a family look like a hectic (yet also hilarious to watch) adventure.

And while it may be funny to watch, it certainly isn’t amusing to live. If you are looking to travel with a toddler this season, below are some tips which can help you to avoid the tears.

Make Your List and Check It Twice!

If it’s a good enough routine for Santa then it’s good enough for you!

A week before you are due to fly out, take note of all of the items that you use during your everyday routines to care for your youngster. Anything at all that you use, be sure to put it on a list.

Then, a couple of days before you travel read through the list and decide which items you will take on the plane with you and which you will pack in your checked suitcase, remembering that you won’t have access to your suitcase once you check it in until you reach your destination.

Once you have your list, try to think about scenarios and situations which might expect to be in and consider the items you will look for to get yourself out. For example, if your child is crying because they are bored, what items will you have in the place packed with you to help?

Choosing the Right Destination

Of course, no child is going to be happy about flying or traveling in general if they aren’t excited about the destination. Instead of taking the family on your regular trip to see distant relatives, check out sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Expedia and take a look through the options with your family until you find something which you are all excited about.

Many of the options will be family-friendly and can offer you a range of entertainment and food packages to take care of your children while you relax away on the beach all day!

Prepare to Be Bored

There are just going to be times where you don’t have the energy to keep your little one entertained and you just need to sleep a few hours on the plane. Of course, this is often when your child will start to scream and cry the most!

The best way to prepare for this is to prepare for it! Before you leave the house, be sure that you have downloaded a range of games, music, and movies, for your child to watch and play with on your tablet or cell phone while you get some precious and overdue sleep.

Just because you have a family including a toddler doesn’t mean that traveling the world is a closed off experience, it just means a little more preparing and planning with tips and ideas like the ones above.

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