Fashion 101: Choose The Right Coat For Yourself

On your way to fetch a bag of bagels for breakfast, you bump into a guy from work you’ve had a crush on for months! Good thing you fixed your hair and put on some lip gloss before heading out, right? But then you catch a glimpse of your reflection on the store window—what on earth is that hideous thing you have on!

Coats and jackets play a big role in your daily outfit. You don’t just shrug on the first thing you get your hands on—your coat is the first thing people see when you pass through busy streets on the way to work. Be sure to be fashionable inside and out not only with fashionable clothes, but also the right choice of coats.

Identify flattering coats for your body type

You have to pick a coat in the right size—if you inherit a coat from your grandmother or find a classy one up in the attic, you can have it tailored to fit your body shape.

  • To create curves, use a belted coat. The belt will create the illusion of a tiny waist and create an hourglass shape.
  • To look taller, opt for a short coat that hits an inch above the knee—it makes your legs look longer and more slender.
  • If you have a large upper body, choose a single-breasted coat so it doesn’t make your top look heavy.
  • If you have a large lower body, wear coats with an A-line skirt to make your lower body appear proportionate with the top part.
  • To make your shoulders or bust look smaller, choose V-neck coats.

Consider your lifestyle

Whatever you choose to wear, it is only practical to go for something that will fit your lifestyle and will be right for your daily activities. If you are an office girl, pick a classic wool coat in solid colors. However, if you’re a stay-home mom, your daily activities call for a comfortable parka. A leather motorcycle jacket will be perfect if you’re a daredevil and want to put out a statement.

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