Cosmetic Surgery: What You Should Know Before You Commit

Considering cosmetic surgery? Read below for some the preliminary things you should know before you find a surgeon.


Depending on your procedure you can expect to factor in downtime of varying amounts. After you have clearance to return to work you may still have restrictions on activities such as overhead lifting when undergoing breast augmentation for example. Other procedures may require compression garments to be worn, such as facial surgery on the chin. Many people are not bothered by this, but if you’re self-conscious, schedule some extra time away from friends or colleagues if you don’t want to announce your surgery to the world.

Where to get it done

Many people head overseas to access cut price surgery options. Although some people are happy with results there are many others that face large medical bills when something goes wrong like botched surgery or undesired results due to miscommunication of a patient’s aesthetic expectation. Travel insurance can be tricky, with minimal (if any) coverage being offered in most instances. Therefore, if you place yourself in what an insurance company deems to be a ‘reasonable amount of risk’ you’ll most likely not be covered. A standard travel insurance policy generally offers no coverage for this purpose at all! Medical tourism is an evolving space, so this may change in the future, but currently, the risks heading abroad for a major procedure are very real, with potentially expensive outcomes to your health and wallet.

On Australian shores, you’ll find that unless a Medicare benefit is payable, health insurance won’t cover the cost or provide much in the way of a rebate for elective, cosmetic surgery. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to get a super cheap, purely cosmetic procedure, you might have to put that dream on hold and invest in a reputable surgeon that will give you a lasting, quality outcome. There are some practices that will permit the use of payments plans to assist you to cover the costs of your medical bills. And as with any major purchase, chat to a few surgeons and do some research in order to find one that best suits your needs. Many will offer obligation free consultations that should help you make the most informed decision rather than relying purely on online information.


Be aware that cosmetic medicine isn’t an alternative to participating in fitness courses or classes. Although your ultimate aim may be to lose weight, if you get liposuction in Melbourne or anywhere across Australia – this is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Rather, use liposuction as both a physical and most likely financial incentive to adopt and stick to regular exercise programs and healthier eating habits. Not only will this improve the results of your cosmetic procedure overall, but it will assist you to ward off the visceral fat, which liposuction is not able to remove from the body. To avoid disappointment, be as clear as you can when clarifying what type of look you’re going for.

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