Baby Must-Have For The First Year

For first time parents, having a newborn baby may seem overwhelming at first, especially when it comes to the must-have for the first year. Questions like what should we buy? Will the baby be safe, are popping in your mind. Don’t worry! It’s incredibly normal to feel like that. To make your task easier, here is a simple checklist.

Sleeping Time

Because babies are asleep most of the time, you need a place where he can comfortably rest. Beside you is not always the place for that, so you will need a crib. It can be a second hand one if you want to save money. It does not make any difference as long as it is functioning. Linens, pillows, and a crib mattress are also a must. Make sure that everything is specifically for babies to keep him safe.

Feeding The Baby

Even if the mother already has breast milk for the baby, it is always nice to have a couple more things for easy feeding. A breast pump will be very convenient, and so is the storage bag for the milk. If the baby is not breastfed, you should buy bottles, baby formula, cleaning brush, and a drying rack. Those are the basics. Of course you can always add more, but for now, the following will do.

Bath Time

Aside from the common diapers, it will do you some good to buy baby wipes. Those will come in handy if the baby needs a quick change outside. For grooming, washcloths, towels, cotton swab/ balls, nail clippers, rash ointments, and table pad covers are needed. Make sure that when you buy those, they should be catered specifically for babies because they have sensitive skin. The same goes for the body wash and shampoo.

Basically, those are the things you need to get started. The rest can follow when you have the added budget. And also, do not forget about the safety of your child. Ensure that everything you buy is hypoallergenic, as well as tried and tested by parents all over the globe to prevent endangering the little angel.

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