Are You Addicted To Your Phone?

There was a viral video circulating in the net a couple of months ago. It was about a woman who cried and shrieked uncontrollably. The reason? Her mobile phone died on her while she was on commute. It sounds funny to most people, but the girl was probably suffering from phone addiction. If you feel that you can relate, here are the warning signs.

You Panic When It’s Not With You

Have you ever checked your bag when going to work, only to realize that you left the phone in the house? What did you feel? It is understandable to be irritable and worry for a second. After all, people from work, your husband, and children may have a hard time contacting you. But after the initial panic, most people shrug it off and go on with their life. If you continue to feel anxious, you are showing signs of addiction.

You Stare At It More Than Anything Else

You may not be as sociable as the average human being, but you have friends and people to talk to in real life. Family counts too. If you look at your phone more than you do with people, or even with the computer which is vital for work for most, then there is a high chance that you are addicted to your mobile.

Everything Can Wait, Except Your Phone

You are about to brew coffee, but then your phone pings. Oops! Coffee can wait. The same goes when your friend is talking to you in real life. Sorry friend, my notification is more important. Sounds familiar?

You Start To Feel And Hear It

When there is a vibration in your pocket, you will drop everything to check your phone, only to realize that there are no messages or notifications at all. Or perhaps you are in a busy restaurant and you hear your ring tone. Grabbing your phone tells you that it was a false alarm and you are clearly imagining things.

Addiction, no matter what it is aimed at is still addiction. It impedes with your daily living and strains relationships. Do not treat phone addiction lightly. Because it will run your life at some point, you need to find a solution.

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