3 College Student Furniture Solutions

As a student, at the end of every school year, you are probably faced with the same dilemma. Once you have turned in all of your papers, completed all of your final exams and said your good-byes to your friends, you have to decide what you are going to do with the furniture you accumulated during the year. If you reside in a college town, there is most likely a few depots that will keep your items, like storage solutions boston ma, until you return for a fee.

While you decide if placing your furnishings in storage is best, here are three more options you may consider.


The furniture you acquired during the school year is an investment, and if you are returning, furniture you may want to hang onto for another year. Sometimes, it makes more fiscal sense to let the items go and start over next school year. If you are not too emotionally attached to the couch, desk or mini-refrigerator, you may contemplate donating the items as a pay it forward gesture. In some zip codes, local shelters, charities or centers may even pick up the items from your address, for free.


You do not have to be an economics or business major to know that putting on a yard sale is one way to unload items you may no longer need but are still in good enough shape that someone else can use. With the internet at your disposal, you may be able to make your money back. Plus, you will get some real-world experience by testing your negotiating skills. If you save that money, you can use it to refurnish your residence the following school year or you can buy yourself something nice.


Maybe you are not ready to part ways with your furniture and other items, so you would like to hang onto them for the upcoming year. This sentiment is understandable because it is not always easy to find a budget-friendly desk that is the perfect height for cram sessions or long hours of paper writing. If this is the case, and you have some trust-worthy friends who will be staying in town, you may think about loaning them the furnishings until you return.

At the end of the school year, you can place your furniture in storage, or donate, sell or loan the items.

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