Signs Of Shopping Addiction

Shopping when you have the means, and you need something is good. What’s problematic is when it turns into a form of therapy or escape, and you cannot handle things without it. In short, an addiction. You may be suffering from this right now but do not really understand what is going on. To be sure, here are signs to watch out for.

You Are Always Short On Cash

It is natural to lack the funds from time to time. Life is hard. Not everyone is getting richer. But if your shortage of money stems from blowing your paycheck on a single purchase, you may have a deeper problem in your hands. Are you the type of person who dedicates allowances for food, bills, and other needs? Or do you simply go to the mall and splurge all you can after doing an ATM withdrawal?

You Have Unused Clothes (A Lot Of It)

It is one thing to have a new dress in your closet, saved for that one special occasion. It is another to have a cabinet full of clothes that still has the price tag attached to it. You know that you are not using those things in the near future. You are just comforted by the fact that they are there, and you can grab one when you need it, which you don’t.

You Cannot Do Without Shopping For A Week

How many times do you go to the mall or online to shop? For an average person, rarely do they spend on non-food related items several times a month. If you continue to purchase things several times a week, you are making the shopping experience a sort of therapy or means of comforting yourself.

Another sure sign of shopping addiction is when it is causing a strain in your relationship with a close relative or the spouse. They are noticing the problem and wants you to correct it, but you are being defensive about it, sparking an argument. There are a lot more signs to watch out for, but if you noticed some of the above, try to seek help from others.

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