How do you communicate effectively with children?

Children need your time and attention. This is something you can’t neglect. This is one of the reasons why parents should practice cultivating open communication with their children. This communication will serve as the foundation of all healthy communication between you, as the parent, and your child. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that you can put in place while your child is young to start the process of cultivating open communication.

Non judgement

Refrain from practicing judgment over what your children tell you. Instead, communicate to them how to express disdain, dislike, or anger. Refrain from communicating judgment over the fact that they’re expressing negative feelings or thoughts. If you can show them that you’re not judging them based upon how they feel, they will feel more comfortable expressing their true feelings. Take the time to show that it’s okay to express negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Let Them Speak

Practice the fine art of listening. Let them speak. Resist the urge to parent them through their communication. Instead, listen for understanding. Hesitate for a second before responding and make sure you fully understand what’s being said. Don’t rush in and critique a thought or a statement.

Let them ask

Let your children know that it’s okay to ask you anything. Don’t limit their Communication because it’s uncomfortable for you. Children need to know that you’re there for them regardless of the situation. Encourage open-ended conversation by letting your child feel comfortable expressing any and everything to you. You must learn to withhold judgment in order to gain understanding. You should encourage open conversation for everything from small things like the cornhole lights to questions about Grandma dying of cancer. They will appreciate this as they grow and mature. Plus, you’re laying the groundwork for a strong relationship even during the teen years.

Your children will only be young once. Use this time to teach them and guide them. Leave your ego at the door. Humble yourself for the task of parenting them with love, patience, and tolerance. You’ll reap the benefits long after your children have grown and gone. You will shape your children into better people as a result of your gentle and consistent instruction.

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