Food To Stay Away From When Eating Out

It is always healthier and cheaper to eat at home. However, there are instances wherein you cannot avoid dining out. It can be due to lack of food in the house, meeting with friends, or you need to grab takeout on your way home because you do not have time to cook. Whatever the reason is, you should avoid the following.

Food With “Secret” Ingredients

Every restaurant has its own way of cooking or a special recipe. But if they cannot give you a general picture of what the food contains, you should steer clear of it as much as possible. The number one reason is allergy. It may have certain ingredients that can trigger a reaction in your body. Aside from that, do you really want to swallow something that you are not familiar with? Who knows what that soft thing is?

Specially Made Condiments or Sauces

Some sauces and condiments are really healthy, especially when made with olive oil and similar ingredients. Majority of them however are fattening and offers little to no nutritional value, aside from the taste they have. If you are eating food that needs condiments to taste good, then you should probably eat somewhere else because you are wasting your money on it.

Powdered Juices or Drinks

Why go for the powdered variety when you can always choose fresh? There are numerous eateries out there that serves smoothies with real fruits and ingredients. Powdered drinks do not taste good as its counterpart. And besides, it goes straight to your gut and create weight problems later on. It has too much sugar too.

Fried and Oily

This is not good for the heart. It may taste good, but when cooked unhealthily, you will suffer the consequences later on. Besides, some restaurants repeat the oil they have used when frying, leaving you at greater risks for health problems.

When eating out, if you want the healthier choice, go for natural produce. Aside from the fruits and vegetables, a good example is the Japanese cuisine. If you are not into Maki rolls, find something that will satisfy your palate, but with the same healthy results for the body.

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