Finding An Oral Surgeon

Oral surgery is often required if you have an impacted tooth or if there is an issue with a tooth that can’t be fixed with traditional dental methods. Surgery is usually performed when teeth are infected or if dental implants need to be placed in the mouth. It’s an option if you have any kind of facial trauma. Cosmetic surgery is performed if you want to change the look of the mouth by removing the teeth or correcting issues with the jaw or other bones in the mouth.

It’s important to find a surgical dentist Wheeling IL office that offers the type of surgery that you need instead of visiting an office that you find out of convenience. There are a few questions that you want to ask the surgeon before any kind of procedure is performed. Find out about the kind of anesthesia options that are available. Some offices offer sedation while others only use nitrous oxide or similar methods of dealing with pain. You also need to find out about the experience that the dentist has with treating your condition. Find a surgeon who has been practicing for a few years and who has a good reputation among patients.

Talk to the surgeon about the diagnosis, getting a second opinion if you aren’t satisfied with what you’re told. You also need to discuss all the treatment options because there could be other methods of dealing with your issue instead of surgery. Think about the risks that are involved with the surgery as well as the benefits. If the benefits outweigh the risks, then it will probably be a good idea to go ahead and have the surgery performed so that the issue can be dealt with in a safe and healthy manner. Talk to the surgeon about the recovery process because there will probably be things that you can’t do for a few days until the area of the mouth heals, such as drink out of a straw or eat hard foods. Follow all instructions, going back to the follow-up appointment so that the surgeon can examine the area to see if it’s healing correctly.

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