Upgrading And Personalizing Your Window Treatments

Window treatments come in all shapes and sizes. There are different designs offered for your needs. However, rarely will you find a curtain or blinds that is so unique that you are the only one who has it, except for the custom-made ones. If you are the type who likes to personalize things, here are ways to do it with your treatments.

Paint or Stencil It

For those who have an artsy streak in their body, painting the curtains with your desired image is a perfect way to personalize it. It can be a flower, swirls, Japanese characters, or even a scenic view. It depends on what you want to have and showcase inside the home. Because not everyone can do this without relying on a company that customizes window treatments, you will definitely have a one of a kind curtain.

Overlap With Another Curtain

The treatments you have bought from the store can be used by itself. It is functional and beautiful, but after a while it tends to be boring, especially if the curtains are plain. To spice it up, overlap another set of curtains with a different design. Make sure that it will complement each other so it will not come off as though you didn’t think it through. Lace and stripes are the perfect styles for this.

Add A Border

In the warm months when you cannot overlap a treatment because it will contribute to the heat inside the house, the best way to personalize your window treatment is by adding a border. It can be placed on top or the sides. You can use sheers, lace, burlap, or napkin, all of which will upgrade the look of your curtains instantly.

Use A Ribbon

Most curtains come with its own set of ribbons. You can opt for those or you can try making your own. It can be bold and colorful as you want, provided that it matches the design of your treatment.

Why settle for a boring window treatment when you can always have a personalized one? There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a curtain that boasts your style and personality.

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