Fashion Ensemble For On The Go Mom

Being an on the go mom does not give you an excuse to look sloppy. Sure you feel like the children should come first, and heaven knows how demanding your job is nowadays. But that should not stop you from showing your inner fashionista. With that said, here are some tips that may help you channel it.

Comfort Comes First

The first rule in fashion is to be comfortable with what you wear. Comfort brings confidence, and in turn, this allows you to shine naturally. However, some people, particularly busy moms mistake comfort for being lax, thus looking like they just rolled out of bed instead of putting an effort at all.

Take note that there are a lot of comfy wear out there that can still make you look put-together. Rather than showing up to work with baggy clothing or oversized ones, try wearing your own size. It may not be custom fitted, but something that will highlight your body and not make you look sickly. Comfort does not equate to loose clothes. It is having an outfit where you can move around without hassle.

Try To Layer Clothes

To be fashionable, one does not always need to buy new clothes. Moms need not worry that they are taking away money from their grocery budget to look great. Instead, you need to learn the art of layering. By doing this, each ensemble, no matter how many times you wore it would always look good. Study how to mix and match things, and with just a handful of clothing, you will have several days of outfits.

Don’t Forget Accessories

A simple outfit can instantly turn glam when you put an accessory there. For example, a white shirt will not just look like a white shirt after you don a necklace and different accessories. It will come out as the perfect fashion piece that you can wear repeatedly, depending on the accessory you placed.

Moms are understandably busy. There are the children to worry about, deadlines, and let’s not forget the needs of the husband. However, you can still be fashionable even while on the go. You just need to follow these tips, and you are good for the day.

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