Three Things to Consider When Opening a Gas Station

Opening a gas station can help you make money and serve an important need in your community. When picking a location, you need to choose one that doesn’t have a lot of existing competition. Some of the most successful gas stations are those in smaller towns that meet the needs of those heading home after a day at work and those heading to work in the morning. It’s important that you consider some simple things before you start construction on your gas station.

Franchise Stations

You seldom see gas stations that you don’t recognize because the majority of stations operating in the United States today are franchises. Companies like BP and Speedway offer franchise contracts for those who want to open a gas station and have the backing of a major corporation. That company will give you feedback and advice on where to build, how to reach out to customers and what to do about complaints. Though you must pay a franchise fee, that fee gives you the right to use the company’s name on your building and in all your advertising.

Total Costs

In addition to the franchise fee, you’ll need to pay out of pocket or secure loans and other types of financing to cover all your other costs. One of your main expenses is the cost of the lot where you will build and the cost of the gas tanks and building. If you want to offer alternative fuel sources, you’ll need to pay for CNG station construction as well. Some business owners assume that they need a large building, but you may be successful with a smaller building. The building should have enough space for a sales floor, bathrooms and the shelves that you use to sell products to customers.

Things Offered

Another thing to think about is the type of things you will offer to those customers. Some stations offer a limited selection of snacks and bottled or canned cold drinks, but others have shelves dedicated to convenience items like milk, eggs, bread, over the counter medications and diapers. You may want to install a soda fountain and/or a coffee station with different coffee drinks offered. The more products you have for sale, the more you can appeal to customers. Taking the time to think about the look of your gas station can help you during the building process.

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