Things To Try When Visiting A Foreign Country

Being able to go to another country is a once in a lifetime chance for most. Some does not even have the opportunity. When you go to your dream destination, make sure to try at least one or two of the things included here. It will make your stay worthwhile and more memorable than by just sticking to your itinerary.

Going To Hidden Spots

Other countries have a goldmine of beautiful sights and destinations. Sometimes they are not available to the tourist because you don’t know of its existence. Only the locals will know of these hidden gems, so make sure to befriend someone there before going to the country. Having them show you around is sometimes better than the tour guide.

Eating “Daring” Local Food

Every place have their own quirky food. There is balut, snails, scorpions, or grasshoppers, depending on where you will go. If you have a good stomach and a devil may care attitude, we urge you to try eating these local delicacies at least once. It will be one for the books, something you can recount to your grandkids when you are old.

Backpacking With Friends

Hotels are grand and all, but the cost is awful. While backpacking may not give you the same comfort as a five star hotel, it will make you learn something from the country. You will also save more money. If you are not comfortable with this, you can always go for traveler’s inn which is cheaper than hotels.

Party With The Locals

Tag along on a party with your new local friend. Aside from introducing you to their culture, they will also extend hospitality to you and maybe show you around the place. There is also the advantage of learning their language. The more you stay with a local, the better you will absorb their practices.

You can do all this, or you can follow the traditional way of sticking to an itinerary. You can still learn a lot of things, especially if you come by more than once. But if you really want to immerse, that is how you need to do it.

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