Simple Cake Decorating

A business in cake decorating can often be fun and exciting. There’s usually no two days that are the same as you’re taking and filling orders for people who are wanting cakes for a variety of reasons, such as weddings or birthday parties. While visiting cake bakeries Chicago IL offers, you can often see how others decorate and design as different bakers use a variety of techniques.

If you freeze a cake for about an hour before you put the icing on, then the icing will stay in place a bit better than if you were to let the cake cool on a counter. Freezing will also prevent crumbs from forming on the outside of the cake that can get in the way when you want clean lines. You can wrap layers of cake to save in the freezer so that they can be used later. This is an idea to consider if you know that you’re going to be busy making cakes for special occasions during certain times of the year.

An idea to keep crumbs at bay if you don’t freeze layers is a simple coat of icing. This is called a crumb coat. You’ll want to stack and fill the layers as you normally would, but you’re going to want to add a thin coat of icing on the outside of the cake before adding the final layer and any fondant for designs. When you reach for more icing with the spatula, it’s best to clean the utensil before you get more icing so that crumbs aren’t transferred. A bench scraper is often the best tool to use during this icing process with a larger spatula used to finish the cake.

Smooth the edges of the cake with a bridge scraper so that you have a solid base for other frostings and decorations that you want to use. A bench scraper is usually in the shape of a square. You hold one edge of the scraper while gently using the slender edge to smooth the surface. It’s large enough to smooth out almost all of the icing at one time as you turn the cake, which saves time that you can use to concentrate on decorating.

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