Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Do With Hair

For men and women everywhere, you know how important it is to have beautiful hair. Even if your outfit is outstanding or your skin is glowing, a bad hair day can potentially ruin you, especially if you are doing something important. But that does not give you leeway to be afraid to try the following things below.

Cut It Short (For Women)

Face it, most women across the globe prefer to have long shiny hair that they can toss behind their shoulder. It gives them confidence. It makes them “womanly” enough. However, taking the shorter route for your hair can be beautiful too. It makes you unique. It gives you an edge over the more conservative style. Sometimes other people are drawn to that characteristic.

Color It With Different Tones

Black, blonde, red, or brown, these are the natural hair colors that most people are born with. When you see someone with purple, blue, or shocking pink hair, you think they are cool, but at the back of your mind, you associate them with misfits. Well you got it wrong sister. Hair color does not automatically indicate what kind of people they are, so do not be afraid to try it as well.

Forgo The Shampoo

Missing the shampoo for a few days will not kill your hair. In fact, some women did this for a number of weeks or months as an experiment and found significant improvement in the health of their locks. That is because shampoos contain harsh chemicals in the ingredients, and the more you use it, the more dependent your hair becomes on this product.

Try Styling Products

Use the curling iron or hair straightener once in a while. Aside from boosting your appearance, it will not leave permanent damage to your locks, unless of course you choose to use it for the rest of your life.

Life is short. Live a little by trying the different techniques with your hair. As long as you condition and take care of it, you will avoid a bad hair day that will make everyone look in wonder at you.

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