How to Protect Your Siding

The siding covering homes can be made from a variety of material, but each have their strengths and weaknesses. There are a few things you can do to help assist the lasting power of the materials used to offer outside protection from the elements.

Keep the Siding Surface Coated

Products that are used to provide a surface protection to siding should be kept in good shape. Peeling paint, faded stains and other products should be reapplied as necessary. It will help your siding last longer. There are even coatings that can be applied to vinyl siding that make it more difficult for dirt, mold and mildew to attach to the surface.

Trim Plants Out Away From Siding

Bushes and trees that are allowed to grow against siding can harbor moisture. Take the time to trim the vegetation back and leave a small amount of space that allows air flow. This will keep the moisture under control, minimizing the growth of mold and deterioration of wood.

Maintain a 6-Inch Clearance From the Ground

Running the siding all the way to ground level might look nice, but it leaves your siding at risk for damage from flooding, increased soil from rain-splashed dirt and insect infestation. There is no differing result in whether the base touches ground or concrete. Leave a few inches of space between the bottom edge of the siding and the base of the foundation.

Keep Moisture Directed Away

Broken roof drainage systems can lead to water flooding in behind the siding. Poor water drainage on the ground can cause water to pool up around the base of siding. Both will cause damage that ultimately requires the replacement of sections, if not the entire siding of your home.

Watch for Signs of Rodents and Termites

Small field mice look for areas of loose siding to access the interior walls of your home. They will feel at home to nest and start families. Long tubes of dirt are signs that termites have entered your structure. They will eat away at any available wood. make sure all of the siding fits snugly to the house and have an exterminator handle any obvious signs of termite infestation.

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