Your Pup Is Always Cared For With Professional Dog Boarding

Whether you are visiting a loved one or going on vacation, it is not easy to leave your dog home alone for several days. You are going to spend more time worrying about your dog than enjoying your trip. This is understandable because your dog is your four-legged family member, and this is why it is recommended to leave your dog with reliable dog boarding in Michigan. The professional, caring staff ensures your dog is always happy and comfortable during their stay.

Calming Environment

You never want to hear that your dog is anxious in their new surroundings. However, you can rest assured that the staff does everything in their power to create a calm environment for their four-legged guests. Your dog is greeted with soothing background music as soon as they walk through the door. The climate-controlled settings keep your dog relaxed even when he is feeling frightened. Every staff member is certified to provide the comfort your pet needs during this temporary change.

Luxurious Amenities

Your dog is treated like a guest in a five-star hotel during their stay. It all starts with the spacious kennels with raised orthopedic cots. The staff provides room service to ensure your dog is receiving the care and attention they need during the day or night. Daily housekeeping is provided to keep the facility clean for all guests. You can even add on extra amenities for a small fee, such as a private play session or a bedtime story.

Daily Care

You do not have to worry about your dog missing a meal or potty break just because they are staying away from home. Every dog is provided with up to three premium meals and four potty breaks each day. The staff provides morning and afternoon group play to help all dogs get in their daily exercise. You can also arrange for extra care for your senior or special needs dog, such as owner-provided meals and medications.

Check On Your Dog

The dog boarding gives you a peace of mind by allowing you to check on your dog with the online pet webcam. You can also pay to have photographs of your dog emailed to you during their stay.

Your dog receives everything they need during their stay at the dog boarding facility, and you can take comfort in knowing your dog is in the hands of a warm, loving staff.

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