How To Stay Hidden Online

There is an overabundance of information found in the web. With a simple search, you can find everything you need to know about a place, food, and most of the time a person. Sometimes this information is best kept hidden, especially if you enjoy your privacy. Here are some ways to stay invisible so people can’t search for you.

Don’t Use Your Real Name

If you are trying to protect your real identity for some reason, the best choice to take is to create an online persona. Consider it like a pen name for writers or famous people who choose not reveal their identity because they are afraid of stalkers or intrusion of privacy. That way, people cannot search for you easily. Once you created a mock name, only give it to trusted friends and family.

Delete Your Social Media Accounts

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are best if you want to connect with people you haven’t seen for a while. It can also be used for strengthening your online presence which is good for marketing. However, if you think it will impede with your daily life, you can always close your account. Sites such as JustDeleteMe can give you a direct link to the most popular websites. From there, you can click the link and proceed with the appropriate steps.

Contact The Website

There are a lot of websites that collect your information without consent. Your name, previous work experience, and numerous other things about you are listed there so when someone does a web search, they will enter the site and collect your info. If you want to have yourself removed from that site, you can email the administrator and make a request.

Hire Someone to Do It

You can also pay an IT person or someone who is proficient with these things to do the cleanup for you. The price will depend upon your agreement, and you do not know what methods they are going to use. The important thing is to ensure that every info you want to remove will disappear.

Not everyone chooses to vanish from the web, but if you feel that you need to do it, you must have a good reason. You can always go back and rebuild your online persona anytime you wish, so why not?

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