Give Yourself a Raise

The rising cost of living has left many people wondering how to make their hard earned dollars stretch. If getting a raise at work is not in the near future, you can find plenty of hidden costs that you can eliminate in order to free up some much needed cash. Use the following tips to give yourself a raise.


If your monthly cable bill is slowly creeping up, there are ways to watch TV for less. Antennas can easily pick up your local networks for free. Combine this with a subscription to services like Hulu or Netflix that can provide you with a wide variety of additional TV programs for much less than you are currently paying.


Speaking of subscriptions, you may be paying more than you need to for some items. Magazines that automatically renew often cost much more than you would pay with special promotions. Things you may not use like timeshares are also costly. You can eliminate annual maintenance fees by taking advantage of timeshare transfers offered from online sites such as Go Away Timeshares.


Are you paying for a home phone you hardly ever use? This monthly bill can be eliminated if you are using a cell phone for most calls. Make sure your mobile phone plan fits your needs. If you are paying for data you never use, a cheaper plan or a pay-as-you-go phone might be more affordable.


Don’t over spend at the grocery store. Take advantage of coupons from My Points. You will earn points for every coupon printed and redeemed that can then be used to purchase gift cards. Shop through reward programs when possible to earn more gift cards, and look into retailers offering price match guarantees. Some will do the work for you and give back money if local merchants offer the same items for less.

Taking action with a few of these money saving tips can make you feel like you just got a raise without any help from your boss. Many of these items are costing you much more than you realize. Most can be eliminated without ever noticing they are gone. Combine this with a little time well spent and you will soon see your bank account growing.

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