A Fence can be a Great Home Feature

Many people like the idea of having a fence around their property. It looks nice and can give you more flexibility in how you use your yard.

What are the benefits of a fenced in yard?

A fence can be a great way to add a bit of privacy around your home. This is especially true if you like to use your yard for relaxing and you don’t want to be in clear view of the neighbors. Additionally, if you have a pool, you might appreciate the extra privacy, but it can also help deter animals and young children from gaining access to your pool area.

If you are a dog owner, a fence can definitely be a huge advantage. You’ll be able to just open your door and let your dog out into the yard without having to be on a leash. This gives your dog plenty of opportunity to enjoy some free time, and it relieves you of having to take your pet for a walk if you’re too busy or simply not up to it.

Of course, a fence is also an excellent way to obstruct the view of your pool pump, soft water tank, garbage cans, and other items that a deed restricted neighborhood might require that you keep hidden.

What type of fence is right for my property?

There are pros and cons with every type of fence. For example, a vinyl fence can last for years, and maintenance will usually require nothing more than an occasional washing with your garden hose; however, vinyl fences are generally more expensive than other types of fences. A wood fence is usually the most affordable, but it can lose its appeal if it isn’t stained and treated every couple of years. Another important decision when choosing a fence is whether you have HOA restrictions. Some homeowner’s associations have very specific regulations regarding the type of fence you can have installed.

How difficult is it for the average homeowner to put up their own fence?

While it’s certainly understandable that a homeowner would want to save money on their new fence, this is definitely not a project that most homeowners will want to tackle on their own. Just like you probably wouldn’t put a new roof on your home, it’s generally best to leave putting up a fence to one of the reputable fence companies St Petersburg FL residents have come to trust.

A fence can be a wonderful asset for your property. Pick a quality fence and have it installed by a professional, such as the Family Fence Company.

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