This Is What Dreams Are Made Of

When I was young, I have always dreamt of being a successful writer someday. But I still have a lot of dreams though. And becoming a writer seems to be a memory for me. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Management Accounting just two years ago. And I became so excited to work right after graduation that I accepted the first job offered to me as a bank teller in one of the prestigious bank in the country. Before, working here was like a dream come true. But now, working here is like working with a dilemma.

I really want to resign after the first 3 months that I started to work in here. The job’s like a routine for me. Nothing’s new every day, and I find it boring. But there’s something holding me back from resigning. Where am I heading after? That seems to be music to my head now with has monitor stand. It keeps on playing without even pushing the play button. And I did resign a week after deciding that I should. I’m working online now, making several articles, essays and reviews. I’m not yet on my dream as an author publishing my own books, but at least, I’m a writer.

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