Five Must-Have Coats for Women

Selecting quality outwear is just as important as choosing your normal clothing. Outerwear can protect yourself and your clothes from harsh elements. A coat can pull double duty and make a fashion statement as well. While you don’t need a different coat for each single outfit, it’s good to have a selection that will match your various outfits.Banana Republic offers traditional, stylish, and trendy selections. Here is a list of five must-have coats for fashion-forward women.

A trench coat is great for cold and rainy weather. Trench coats can come in different lengths, like a full-length, below-the-knee version and a sportier, short version. Typical trench coats come with big, roomy, side pockets and a wide belt. Coats can come in a variety of colors, materials, and linings. You can pick a neutral color that will match many of your outfits or choose a bold, bright color to make an impactful statement.

A quality, leather jacket may not seem like a practical choice, but it’s a great option for many outfit types. A short, slim cut leather jacket can be worn over designer jeans and a casual top or over a knee-length dress. It adds a layer of warmth in cooler seasons or inside environments, while turning your casual outfit into something more stylish.

A wrap jacket can be different lengths, colors, and styles, but its typical style is a looser style that wraps around your body, with a collar and wide belt. Depending on what type of outfit you’re pairing it with, you can choose a lightweight wrap to cover a short-sleeve, fancy dress or a turtleneck and jeans. Since the jacket is a wider style, it looks wonderful paired with a slim-cut outfit, dress, jeans, or pants.

A denim jacket is an old-time favorite. Denim coats can be a short cut with fitted body and short collar. Or they can be below-waist length with a wide collar and slouchy, side pockets. Different denim colors can match a variety of outfit colors. You can’t go wrong by pairing this coat over a summer, lightweight dress, shorts and a tank top, or over designer jeans and sequined top. It makes your casual outfit look more pulled together and trendy.

A wool peacoat is a classic jacket. It typically has a wide collar, a straight body shape, and rows of buttons down each side. The length falls below the waist or around the upper thigh. It’s perfect in colder seasons to keep warm while looking good. Colors range from neutral tan or black to bold coral. It can be worn with both casual, business, or dressy outfits. It’s pretty when combined with a long shirt and mock turtleneck or over a pair of jeans and long-sleeve blouse.

With these five type of coats, you’ll look good and be protected in every season and every situation.

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