How to Get Your Kids to Do Chores

For parents, the term chores signify responsibility and cleanliness. For children and teens, all it means is a bothersome activity that hinders them from their games and cellphone time. Because you know that accomplishing their daily chores saves you time and effort, not to mention teaches the kid a lot of things, you need to find ways that will motivate them.

Let Them Have A Say In It

Kids are more motivated to do an activity if they have some kind of control in it (or at least they think they do). So why not make a list of chores that they can handle and let them choose which ones they like the most. They can also take turns doing a certain chore, or pass the responsibility to the other by compromising the next time. This will all depend on your talk and the leeway you can give. Should they refuse to agree move on to the next step.

Their Privileges In Exchange For Chores

Using the computer, wifi, or gaming console is not a need. It is a privilege that not every child is given. In exchange for using that, you can have them do chores daily. Tell them that unless the trash is taken out, the floor is mopped, and the dishes washed, the wifi password for the day is prohibited. They want to attend that party? Do their chores first!

Make Them Earn By Doing Chores

Incentives are always a good motivating factor, and what better bonus than money? You do not have to give them cash every time they mow the lawn or wipe the table, but if they need extra mullah for that night out, they can put more weight into cleaning the house. It teaches them that money is earned, not given freely, plus it will help you around the house.

Disciplining your child through chores can be hard because they will not always want to cooperate. However, be patient with them. Someday when they have their own family, they can impart the same knowledge and responsibility that you have given, and they will thank you for it.

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