Choose the Right Horse Supplements

Today there are many new products being introduced that approach wellness from a very holistic, natural standpoint. Some of these products work so well at relieving pain and helping to build up natural endurance, they can only be seen as breakthroughs. Now there is a new supplement called cetyl myristoleate that is bringing in great results for people, as well as animals, in relieving joint pain naturally, with no side effects.

Cetyl m For Horses

This breakthrough product, which is marketed by EHP Products as Myristin For Horses, is a hip and joint supplement that uses a 20 percent Cetyl Myristoleate Powder. The recommended starting dosage of this powder, as a supplement for horses, is a regiment of four teaspoonfuls of powder a day, divided into two feedings for the animal. This regime should be followed until the horse has been given three kilograms of the supplement, which usually takes about two months. The maintenance program following this would be two teaspoonfuls a day. The powder should be given in a mix of sweet horse feed or other similar kinds of cetyl myristoleate food.

If the horse is unable to tolerate eating this dosage of the supplement at first, a smaller amount, mixed with applesauce, should be given until the animal is able to tolerate it more easily.

The EHP Difference

There’s no doubt that there are many joint supplements for animals available on the market. Many of these products do contain a certain percentage of CMO, but Myristin CMO Powder contains a large, pure amount of the supplement with no other products included. The purity of this product is something EHP stands by. This product has shown proven results in the healing and strengthening of the joints and hip for horses, and it works with no side effects.

The Harry Diehl Promise

Harry H. Diehl is the brilliant chemist who first discovered cetyl myristoleate and brought it to the public as a supplement to help ease the pain of arthritis and the stiffening of the joints that come with age. Diehl gave Myristin® his personal seal of approval as a supplement that contains real acetyl myristoleate in the appropriate amounts.

If you are looking for a supplement to help bring healing and strength to your horse, try Myristen for your animal.

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