How To Get Paid Not Played

If you’re like anyone else breathing on planet Earth with a valid email address, you’ve seen the come-ons: Make thousands a month filling out surveys, take our short survey and get a new iPhone! These offers sound too good to be true because they are. Read on and learn how to avoid getting scammed by phony survey companies and maybe make some pocket money while you’re at it.

Can I Really Make A Living Doing This?

The answer to this oft-asked question is simple. The answer is no. Nobody is going to pay you thousands, or even hundreds, of dollars a month by simply filling out surveys. You can definitely make extra cash each month by signing up to some of the more reputable sites out there like Crowdology.

If I Can’t Make A Living At It, Why Would I Want To Do It?

Many people find surveys fun to fill out and the market research companies behind them gather all the answers in aggregate and deliver them to the host companies. These companies in turn use the information gathered to help develop new products and services.

How Can I Spot A Legitimate Company Vs A Scam?

If the amount of money offered seems outlandish for simply answering a few questions, then it’s a scam. If the site is asking for a social security number or deeply personal information, then it’s a scam. Legitimate companies will never ask for your social security, credit card or bank account numbers. If they want you to pay to join, then it’s a scam. This is the biggest red flag out there. If a site ask for money to sign-up with them, run the other way!

Use Common Sense

You will never get paid large sums of cash or receive high-end electronics to answer short surveys, or long ones for that matter. If you have apprehensions about a company, check with the Council of American Survey Research Organizations. They are the leading market research ethics organization. Never respond to an email invitation from a company. Instead, it is better to go directly to the company website and register there. You can also check their credentials with the information they provide.

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