Cheap and Easy Birthday Ideas for Your Children

Gone are the days when you can just buy a cake, an ice cream, throw a bunch of kids in a room, and call it a birthday party. Nowadays they want entertainment, colorful things, and expensive party favors. But not every party needs to be as garb as that, especially if you are in a budget. There are still ways to have fun without being poor the next day.

Scavenger Hunt Party

There is no need to get magicians and clowns to entertain the guests. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of searching, a large space, and an attractive prize. A scavenger hunt party can be done in any venue, may it be the beach, a park, or even the neighborhood, depending on where you’re holding the celebration.

It will take minutes or even hours of entertainment that eliminates the need to hire anyone, the circus included. Another pro to the scavenger hunt is children of any age can enjoy it, as long as they can follow instructions.

Make or Decorate Your Own Food Party

Skip on getting an expensive catering in favor of having the guests themselves make their own food. This is applicable for desserts or even pizza. It is not only loads of fun (children always craves sweets), it is also beneficial if you want to get rid of the party favors. They will concentrate on designing their mini-cake that they will not have time to think about anything else. If you think this is not applicable for your children, try an arts and crafts party instead.

Pajama Party

Who said birthday celebrations are only done at lunch time? It can also be held at night, especially if the guests and celebrants are tweens (near their teenage years). Due to the nature of the party, fewer guests are invited, making it cheaper compared to lunch time celebrations.

Times have changed, but so did the costs of having a party. You do not have to spend much in order for your child to enjoy. By following the ideas, you can save a lot which will give you more budget for the gift you are giving, or other expenses for that matter.

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