Advanced CT Scanners Reduce Patient Radiation Exposure

Computed Tomography, also known as CAT scan or CT scan is needed for precise diagnosis. Though it poses a benefit by aiding the doctors, and in turn the patients, it does not come without risks. One of the negative effects involves the patient’s exposure to radiation which is associated with different health risks. That is why they are introducing newer technology to eliminate this problem.

Significance of Newer CT-Scanners:

Due to the alarming effects of prolonged and successive exposure to CT scan’s, more and more health care facilities are using the advanced generation technology. With the newer scanner, which are also known as the double source scanners, exposure to radiation is significantly lowered in comparison to the single source scanners. This was proven when a study involving 2,085 participants/patients was made. What this means for the patients:

Reduced Risks For Cancer

The number one concern when exposed to radiation is the patient’s higher risk for developing cancer. Compared to x-ray, CT scan exposes the body to 150-1,100x increased radiation. These numbers are roughly one year equivalent of radiation that humans are subjected to in the environment, may it be artificial or natural. Therefore when the newer CT scan is used, those numbers are lowered, reducing the risk for cancer as well.

Findings Reliability Leads To Fewer Testing

Often times, scans lead to additional tests, especially if the health care provider is a “scan happy” type who seeks to prevent lawsuits and mistake in diagnosis. With advanced CT-scan technology, the results are highly reliable, eliminating further scans. Of course this will still largely depend on the physician’s discretion, but a better result brings positive outcome for the patient.

Safer For Pregnant Women

As much as possible, pregnant women are refrained from being CT-scanned to prevent the unborn child’s early exposure to radiation. But there are instances wherein it is really needed. A newer CT-scanner makes it safer for both the baby and the mother to undergo this diagnosis procedure.

Though there are risks involving the use of CT-scans, it is needed for proper diagnosis. That is why having advanced scanners can really help banish the threat plus give everyone a peace of mind while using it.

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