Why Having a Criminal Defense Attorney Is a Must

One of the backbones of any society is law and order. People look to their governments to be able to create a safe structure where they can live, work, and raise their families. To that end, people the world over have given their governments the responsibility to catch, convict, and punish criminals. Of course, as with all human systems, the legal system and the punitive system are not perfect. At times, guilty individuals go free because of a technicality. At other times, innocent individuals find themselves being charged with a crime. There are also instances where a person actually committed the crime that they are being charged with, however, the circumstances around their committing that crime play a factor in how they should be punished. Criminal attorneys in Michigan play a large role in helping to defend accused individuals in court. Their goal is to see to it that their clients get a fair trial that is in harmony with the standards that have been laid out by the United State’s legal system.

Some individuals will argue that they are smart enough to defend themselves in court without using a lawyer. In some rare instances individuals have been able to defend themselves against serious crimes without the assistance of legal counsel. But these instances are rare and far in between. The vast majority of individuals who choose to defend themselves without legal counsel are found guilty and end up spending longer times behind bars or paying higher fines than they would have if they had legal representation.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, criminal law in the United States is complex. It needs to be. The goal of criminal law is to punish individuals who actually did something wrong. At the same time, US law says that an individual is innocent of the crime they are accused of until they are convicted. So in order to balance those two concepts, the law needs to be complicated.

Most individuals were not trained in law and do not have a good enough understanding of the law code to adequately defend themselves. When a person tries to defend themselves in court, they not only have to convince a judge and jury of their innocence, but they have to do it while being attacked by a trained prosecutor. For this reason, most people who try to defend themselves fail.

Criminal defense attorneys in Michigan understand the law. They are passionate about what they do. They work with their clients to help their clients have the best outcome in court.

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