Ways to Help Your Family Member Into Drug Rehab Treatment

When a loved one is addicted, the whole family suffers. There are arguments, sleepless nights, stress, gap between the family members, and ruined reputation. Because it affects everyone, not only the addict, you must contribute in helping your relative seek treatment. Here are several ways to do it.

Have A Plan Before The Big Talk

In every battle, you need to be armed to the teeth. Consider the talk with your addicted relative a struggle between compulsion and the need to be better. He will try to talk you out of it or simply refuse to cooperate. That is why doing the talk out of the blue without having a well-thought out plan is not a good idea. For it to work, you must have everything laid out, from the transportation, the manner of the treatment, down to the financial aspect.

Gather The Family For An Intervention

Getting the support of the whole family does not mean that you are ganging up on your addicted relative. It just gives you the perfect opportunity to discuss matters like how you feel whenever he/she takes drugs or how scared you are that the police will come through the door to arrest him. If he has concerned friends, you can include them too when doing the intervention.

Discuss The Consequences

This should not turn into a blame game. Threats or force must never be used either. Instead, use the power of persuasion by giving him real life accounts of the results of his actions. For example you can say that “I suffer from sleepless nights because I’m always worried about you.” Refrain from using “You,” because it becomes blame-centric.

Have A Professional’s Help

Should you feel that you cannot do it on your own, you can call an interventionist. He knows how to talk to the addict without giving judgments. Your relative’s logic is so impaired by the substance that sometimes you may need a third party help to reason out with him.

The road to recovery is a long path to take. But all of you can get there if you have the proper plan and intervention. Get support from your other family members so you do not have to do it by yourself.

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