Cosmetic Surgery: Who Is A Good Candidate

Cosmetic surgery is heaven sent for people who desire more for their appearance. It may not give perfection, but it can improve your flaws and your self-esteem. Not everyone is suited for plastic surgery though. Because it involves the use of anesthesia and going under the knife, there are risks involved. This leaves us with the question. Who is a good candidate?

Those Who Have No Health Conditions

Bleeding and healing are two main concerns when having cosmetic surgery. That is why a good candidate cannot have bleeding disorders, diabetes, and heart problems among other diseases. All of this can affect the healing process and the outcome of the procedure. So if you are in good health that has no underlying conditions, you can be a candidate.

People Who Has Good/Ideal Weight

Being obese or overweight puts you at high risk for heart problems and high blood pressure. As stated above, you must be in good health, so your weight is a factor to consider too. Aside from that, loose skin is an issue, especially if you start to tone up after the procedure.

Positive Outlook In Life

When you go under the knife, you will experience a lot of changes in your body. This can affect the way you think, and if you do not have a support system to lean on or you are negative thinker, this can lead to depression. It will make it hard for you to cope, so it is vital that you have a good emotional attitude.

Non-Smokers/ Drinkers

Tobacco, alcohol, and your other vices not only affect your skin. It also impedes with proper blood flow which is important if you want to heal fast after surgery. For that reason, anyone who is a chronic drinker or smoker should think twice before going for cosmetic surgery.

As you can see, not everyone who wishes to do plastic surgery is allowed to undergo it. There are risks involved and if your body cannot handle it, the doctor will never give his consent. If you really want it, consider talking to your physician first. He can tell you what to do to increase your chances.

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