An Expensive Student Project

My sister in law who is a 4th year high school student can do so many things on a compared to the simple and basic stuffs that I know. According to her she needs to learn all those new software in order to do all her projects before she graduates.

Last night I saw her editing videos and gretsch renown that she will be using to make a film for their English project. She was even using pro tools at guitar center to edit all musical score of the said production. What amazes me is how she quickly learns to navigate the system by studying and reading how it works for a minute or so. I asked her if she intend to use her skills to look for a job within the music or movie industry. Her answer made me so proud of her. She said “I’ll cross the bridge when I get there”

The children today is a lot more advance compared to the children of the past. There are some instances wherein it’s a good thing but there are instance where their knowledge makes them forget how to respect people older than they are.

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