Save On Bathroom Updates With Tub And Shower Reglazing

Any real estate expert will tell you that the condition of a home’s bathrooms plays an enormous part in the property’s salability and value, but the cost of installing a brand-new bathtub or shower can make a complete bathroom overhaul impossible for many families. Does that mean you have to put up with a second rate shower, or let a beat-up bath put a price limit on your house? No way. The solution could be as simple as refinishing your existing facilities.

Tub and shower refinishing is a relatively new procedure that can save homeowners up to 70% of the cost of a full replacement. And not only is refinishing cost-effective, it’s time-efficient as well; a high quality tub or shower refinishing job can typically be completed in a single day, and it doesn’t involve the dirt, dust, and debris that tearing out an old fixture inevitably entails.

Refinishing or reglazing bathroom fixtures generally involves just one or two workmen, who follow a step-by-step procedure that leaves old tubs, sinks and showers looking like new. The process starts with removing all the old caulking and cleaning the tub in preparation for treating the porcelain or ceramic surface, which is done with acid etching and wet sanding. The entire bathroom is then masked and a temporary ventilation system is installed, and a single coat of self-etching primer is applied.

The refinishing process concludes with multiple coats of spray-on finish, which leaves the tub, sink, or shower with a flawless high gloss shine that’s permanent and durable. The workmen then remove the masking and leave the bathroom clean, with no dust, no debris, and no dumpsters needed. The reglazed tub, sink, or shower can generally be used within 48 hours.

The refinished fixtures retain their original look and feel. The finish is flawless, with no drips, runs, or seams, and the reglazing is a permanent fix for damage and imperfections such as cracks, scratches, rust, and discoloration. Refinishing works on most kitchen and bath fixture surfaces, including cast iron porcelain, pressed steel enamel, fiberglass, and acrylic. The finish can be expected to last from 10 to 15 years.

Contractors who have expertise in the refinishing process can be found throughout the US. For example, for bathtub refinishing charlotte nc firm Carolina’s Tub Doctor serves North and South Carolina as well as Atlanta and Knoxville.

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