House Warming Gift Ideas

There are a lot of things to think about after a big move. Your friend is still trying to figure out where to put which stuff and if everything will fit. Giving them furniture is not always a good idea, especially if space is an issue. Go for something small and usable instead. Here are 5 suggestions to think about.

Knife Holder

If the new home or apartment is small; a wall-mounted knife holder will be a huge space saver. Organization is something to ponder upon after changing locations and your friend will appreciate this type of gift.

Beer/Wine Glass

This will come in handy especially if the recipient is a bachelor or a couple who loves to throw parties. If you have the extra budget, include a wooden bottle carrying case to make it easier for your friends to transport the drinks when having a get-together.

Small Fire Extinguisher

For practicality and safety reasons, give a fire extinguisher. It can be placed in the kitchen or anywhere easily seen. If the one receiving the gift is big on designs, get an extinguisher that comes in their favorite color. They may not use this anytime soon (we hope not!), but safety comes first.


For people who love to prepare scrumptious meals, this will be the perfect gift. When giving out a cookbook, make sure that the recipe included are something they would love making. If your relative is big on dessert, grab a cookbook that is targeted towards sweets.

Tools/Tool Box

There are always things to fix around the house. A new hammer will come in handy. A toolbox is also a nice gift, seeing that it will help with the organization. If you want to splurge, go for both.

A housewarming gift is not really a must when a friend or relative moves. However, it is a good way to say that you care for the recipient, especially if he is close to your heart. Refrain from giving out large ornaments or furniture because it will be hard to place it around the house. Instead of helping, you might just create a problem for them.

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