Spending Quality Time With Your Kids Through Crafts

A lot of problems can be resolved if the parent just spend time with their kids. They will get to know each other, guide the child, and of course have fun. One such way to do so is by incorporating arts and crafts into the equation. Whether you have tried this before or not, here are some tips to get you started.

Include Your Child In The Planning

The processes of crafting will be so much fun if both the parent and kid are involved with the planning. Remember that this not about your wants, but what your child enjoys as well. It is a bonding activity and not necessarily something you will make to win an award at an international contest. With that said, ask your child what he prefers to make and take it into consideration. If you think what he is suggesting is unrealistic, then just inject a thing or two of his idea into the project you are going to do.

Start Small, Then Progress

Every beginner starts somewhere, and in your case, you can go for simple arts like finger painting and coloring things. This is helpful if your kid is not apt with the scissors or molding because of his age and coordination.

Have A Healthy Competition

To encourage your kids to participate, you can give out rewards. Hold a friendly contest between your children and whoever makes the best craft wins. For the judging part, it is better to make them decide amongst themselves regarding the winner so they would not think that you are taking sides. Or better yet, give everyone a prize so everyone is the winner.

Safety Comes First

Only use materials for crafts that you know your kid will be able to handle according to age. Never offer something that may stab or hurt them. Also, do not forget to organize the materials after use to prevent accidents.

Arts and crafts can be done by the whole family, no matter what age group your children are in. Not only is it a good way to improve the relationship, it is also a perfect opportunity to hone the skills and bring out hidden talent.

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