Low Cost to Increase the Value of Home

When you want to improve the value of your home, the easiest way to do so is through renovation. However, despite this fact being relatively common knowledge, many people avoid home renovations due to the cost associated with them. Not all home renovations have to be that expensive; there are a number of affordable, low-cost options available that provide a high return on your investment.

1. Painting

Painting a home can make a huge difference. Ask yourself: would you rather buy a home with a fresh paint job, or one that looks as though it hasn’t been maintained in years? Peeling, cracked paint isn’t pleasing to the eye and gives the impression of lower quality. Remember, perception drives value, and if customers perceive your home to be high value, you can ask a higher price for it. Paint is inexpensive and something any homeowner can do without professional help.

2. New Appliances

More and more homebuyers are looking to the kitchen for their decision. Brand new appliances can make all the difference; if your kitchen looks like it came straight from a 70’s sitcom, it may be time to make a few updates. Despite the fact that new appliances can cost thousands of dollars, experts say that the kitchen is one of the main reasons homebuyers decide to pass on a home. Not only do new appliances increase the overall value of the property, but they can also make it much easier to sell the home.

3. Landscaping

Much like a paint job, the landscape surrounding a home speaks volumes about the home itself. Proper landscaping can be a difficult, time-consuming job, but curb appeal is a very important part of any buyer’s decision. Taking the time to properly sculpt a simple flower garden and keep the grass cut will make a huge difference in the selling process of your home.

The more extensive renovations options, such as a brand new kitchen or adding an additional room onto the home, not only take a long time but also cost significantly more. While these options are available in the worst-case scenarios, focusing on the smaller, less expensive projects is a great way to improve the value of your home without breaking the bank. Consult with a contractor and find out now how much it will cost to get a new paint job.

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