Great Gift Ideas For Disney Lovers

It’s pretty easy to spot a Disney fan among your friends and family. They own their favorite movies on DVD, can sing along to all their favorite classic Disney songs, and enjoy wearing Disney themed clothing. They may even be saving up for a trip to the Magic Kingdom. When you know Disney fans, young or old, their enthusiasm might be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re choosing a gift for them on a special occasion. Below are four ideas for special gifts for your favorite Disney fans.

Disney Themed Posters

Since Disney is especially known for its film making magic, posters would seem to be an obvious gift choice. And there is certainly no shortage of posters you can find that celebrate favorite Disney characters. Another unique idea might be to choose an old movie poster with original art from the film’s opening, or a poster inspired by a favorite ride or attraction at a Disney theme park.

Disney Figurines

Artists like Jim Shore have created beautiful Disney inspired figurines. You can find them at shops such as Coppins Gifts. These stone resin figures run the spectrum from a cheerfully smiling Winnie the Pooh (complete with his “hunny” pot) to elegant and inspiring Disney princesses with detailed swirling gowns. Jim Shore figurines do a great job of capturing the personality, flair, and color of favorite Disney characters and make charming gifts for collectors.

Disney Fine Art

Disney collectors will very much appreciate some of the beautiful fine art inspired by Disney’s classic tales. Artists such as Jim Salvati, Heather Theurer, and John Rowe provide artistic renderings of classic Disney characters and story moments that sometimes make you think in fresh ways about tales as old as time. A beautiful, frameable piece of Disney art could make an especially inspiring wedding or anniversary gift.

Homemade Disney Items

Etsy can be a fun place to look for unique, handcrafted items of all kinds, including Disney inspired gifts. You can find many unusual items there, from Minnie-Mouse ear headbands to character themed mugs to t-shirts adorned with favorite Disney quotes.

Whether you’re looking for a small token or a large gift that will be treasured for years to come, there’s no shortage of Disney inspired items to choose from. Your Disney fan friends and family will be touched by your creative gift-giving.

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