Coping With Toddler Tantrums

When a child is 1 to 4 years of age, or better known as the toddler years, he will begin to exhibit signs of tantrums. He will scream, cry, flail his hands and feet, and may even pinch, punch, or bite anyone close to him. If your child is in these years, do not give up hope. Here is how to cope with toddler tantrums.

Understanding Comes First

Before you react negatively, you must understand that this kind of behavior is completely normal for toddlers. Almost all of them show this, so it is not a cause for alarm at all. Even the most behaved child will sometimes show toddler tantrums and it is your job as a parent to be more patient because of this.

Do Not Scream or Give Your Own Tantrums

Isn’t it comical that the advice is not to give your own tantrums? That may be so, but some adults cannot handle the fact that their kids are having an episode, thus making them breakdown as well. They scream and throw a fit, but that will not help the child calm down. Instead, the kid will just take a longer time to relax and stop. So learn from this example and hold back from yelling.

Protect Your Child

As tantrums involve irrational behavior, sometimes your child cannot control his head, neck, or other body parts from banging on a structure while having an episode. That is why it is important to check the surrounding while he is flailing his arms and ensure that he would not get hurt in the process.

Do Not Give In

Some kids will use the tantrums to get what they want. Though it is so tempting to just do it to stop them from screaming, it will not help your kid at all. Instead, resist the urge to punish or reward him and stick to your original intention.

As toddler tantrums are not uncommon, do not take it upon yourself to feel guilty when your child is having one. Instead, do the coping methods and stay calm. Ask your spouse to help too so you will not feel alone when handling it.

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