Save Money for a Perfect Wedding

Every Girls dream is to have a perfect wedding but with today’s economy, weddings have become very expensive. Some weddings go for millions of dollars. For a couple, to have that perfect wedding calls for sacrifice and planning. If you want to plan for your wedding, be ready to save.


A perfect wedding calls for many things, the reception hall, the dresses, the caterers and entertainers, the rings, the cars to ferry the groom and maids, the wedding photographer and finally where to go for your honey moon. Everything requires money. Ensure that there is no budget constraints as you plan for your wedding. Save a lot of money if you want your wedding to be perfect.

Wedding do have wedding planners but you could save money by not having a wedding planner. You can form a wedding committee or a wedding support team who will look at all things then come up with a budget. Ensure that the budget runs with what you have saved. Be careful to stick to the plan and that you are not swayed by the beautiful add-ons.

Wedding Dresses and Wedding Cakes

Things that you could save on to have it right are things like the wedding dress and the wedding cake. Shop wisely for these items and you will realise that you are within the budget. Do not go for a highly priced cake just because you want your wedding to look glamorous but you can negotiate with the baker and get one at an affordable price. As for the wedding dress, there are a variety of wedding stores. Take your time as you sample the stores then narrow down to the one you think offers a good bargain.

Wedding Rings

Apart from the wedding cakes and dresses, a wedding ring is also one thing that could add stress if not taken into consideration. Device a payment plan where you start paying for it early enough once you have identified the jewellery shop and the type of ring. Other jewellery shops prefer credit cards instead of payment plan. It is your choice to go for the one that suits you well.

Church Decoration for a Budget Wedding

The décor of the church and the reception are expensive if not planned for. You can still make the church look beautiful by making the church décor simple. Instead of flower petals, use faux petals since they are much cheaper. With faux petals no one will notice that they are different. Decide on whether you want to tie the fabric onto the edges of the pews.

A beautiful wedding does not go with the amount one has spent because we can have a perfectly planned wedding with little amount of money spent. All you need to have is a good committee with good ideas, skills and the heart to save money.

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