QuickFlirt.com Members Share Tips On What Works when Dating Online

Meta: Stop wasting your time guessing what makes a great online profile. Members of QuickFlirt.com share their tips on how to get more messages and more dates!

Online dating can be confusing for people who are just trying it out. There are so many people on these dating websites who just put anything on their profiles, it’s no wonder that they aren’t having the success that they desire.

QuickFlirt.com has heard numerous success stories from members who were able to find people that they had a genuine connection with. The website decided to ask their members what they feel makes or breaks a profile. Some of the answers seem logical, while others are a bit surprising.

1. Honesty

You know how people say that honesty is the best policy? It’s so important that then you are filling our your dating profile or talking to other members that you are honest. The members of QuickFlirt.com all believe that in order to find success with online dating, you have to be honest; whether it is about what you are looking for (friends, love and a relationship, or just a fling) or if you are describing something as mundane as what you enjoy doing in your spare time.

2. Be Specific

Members say they are more likely to read profiles of people who make an effort to sound interesting. There are two different ways you can tell someone what your perfect date would be. The first would be the use of generic, non-descript language. This is boring, unimaginative, and… dull. These profiles tend to not get much attention. However, if you describe every detail (not so much that you’re writing a book of course) in a way that draws them in and they can envision themselves on a date with you? You will be much more likely to get a few messages from interested people.

3. Stay Balanced

People think that an online profile is the place to talk about everything that you think will interest potential suitors, but in reality, sometimes they have the tendency to say too much and not mention anything about what they are looking for. Members who were surveyed said that as you are writing your profile, you want to talk about yourself, but you also want to describe what you are looking for in a partner (tip: avoid generic descriptions like “intelligent” or “attractive”).

4. Choose a Flattering Photograph

One of the biggest tips the members felt was important is choosing a flattering profile picture. Yes, you may want to be known for your incredible wit and charm, but the truth of the matter is humans are visual creatures and profiles with a bad picture or no picture at all, will get passed over. When you are creating your profile, you should always think of your picture as the thing that draws people in. Choose a picture where you are smiling naturally, you look your best, and you are the only one in the picture. Members also suggest that your profile picture should be as current as possible, and it isn’t a selfie that you snapped from your bathroom.

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