Is She Just Being Nice or Does She Really Like You?

Meta: Sometimes when a woman is being nice, men think they are flirting and vice versa. We explore the signs you should take note of when trying to discern from the two.

Have you ever had a situation where you are talking to a woman and everything seems to be going well; you are laughing, connecting, and it seems like there is some chemistry there but you aren’t entirely sure. You don’t know if she is just being nice when she laughs at your jokes or if she is smitten by you.

You aren’t alone—many men around the world are confused women and what certain things mean. We asked a group of women on an online dating site Girls date for free what tactics they use when a guy they likes strolls into the room, 45% of women say they play coy—a tactic which many men don’t particularly care for. They aren’t mind readers after all! Adversely, 38% of women say they are more direct and they will find some way that they can talk to the guy.

Since women are more likely to play coy, it is no surprise that men find women so exasperating. They often misinterpret their coyness as being disinterested, when that is definitely not the case and the guy only finds out months later that she liked him.

The most effective aspect of dating should be improving your confidence. When you are confident in your flirting skills, women will take notice. If you aren’t so sure of your skills as a flirt, much like anything else, the only way you can improve your ability is by practicing. So, this means that the only way you can improve is by flirting with any woman that comes your way!

So even though you are uber confident, you may still not be able to decipher her signs. Here are five signs that she’s placed you in the friend zone:

  1. She mentions other men. If she is open about other men while in your presence, then you may not be on the top of “I’m interested in you” list.
  2. She invites other people to go out with you. When you invite her out on a date and she invites other people to come with you, thus making it a group affair rather than an intimate date—then you can probably assume that she sees you only as a friend.
  3. She still doesn’t show interest even after a few drinks. If you invite her out for a few drinks and you’ve enhanced your flirtatious efforts and she still doesn’t show you any romantic interest, then you may want to cut your losses and thank her for spending time with you.
  4. She doesn’t attempt to seduce you with her appearance. Women enjoy seducing men that they are attracted to with their appearance. She will go out of her way to look her best for you. When she only wants to be your friend, she won’t put forth as much effort. So if she is wearing a knock-out outfit that drops your jaw, oh yeah… She is interested.
  5. No physical contact. Women who aren’t interested in you will avoid touching you at all costs. She won’t want to give you the wrong impression by touching you, and if you try to touch her, she will shy away.
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