Alternative Healthy Food to Feed Your Family

Finding the path to wellness is not an easy feat. You need to have discipline, the willpower to do it, and the right food to serve the family. Focusing on the latter, do you know that there are a lot of alternative healthy foods to those scrumptious snacks that you love? Some of them are listed below.

A Bag of Salty Potato Chips, Go For Popcorn

Watching your favorite tv show or movie is not complete without the addition of something to munch on. More often than not, the first choice is your chips. But a bag contains salt that adds love handles to your body, not to mention too much sodium is not good for you. On the other hand, unsalted and unbuttered popcorn has only 30 calories. It is a better alternative should you feel the desire to snack tonight.

Processed Chicken Nuggets, Go For Real Chicken

Nuggets may be delicious, but it contains preservatives and other “secret” recipes that can be harmful to your health. With that said, why not go for the real thing? Instead of frying the chicken, go for grilled ones to make it healthier. Then, just chop and slice to the desired size. If you want, you can add your own sauce for that perfect taste.

A Can of Soda, Go For Fruit Juice

Liquid drinks like soda are not real food, but who are we kidding? It still affects your body the way any other food can. With that in mind, rather than consuming carbonated drinks that only contain high amounts of sugar and sweetened preservatives, opt for a blend of fruit juice of your choice. The latter is sweet too but gives you tremendous benefits and vitamins.

Cheesy Macaroni, Go For Your Own Pasta

Mac and cheese is easy to cook as it comes prepared in a box. You need only to boil, mix, and serve. But while you are saving time and effort, your body gets no benefit from it. A healthier alternative is your own carrots pasta, cucumber, and celery. When you combine it with parmesan cheese, or any cheese for that matter, you would have created a healthier meal.

When it comes to food, tasty is not always healthy. The examples given may not be what you are used to, but it is definitely a better choice for the family.

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