Tactics to Convince an Addict to Seek Treatment

Addiction is not an easy subject to talk about, especially with the person suffering from it. However, there comes a point when you need to sit down, and convince your addicted child or relative to seek treatment for his own betterment. How can you do that you may ask? Here are several helpful tips to convince your family member.

Let It Come From His Own Mouth

The thing with treatments is you can never force it to a person. Even if you can manage to get your addicted family member inside a facility, if he did not do it out of his own volition, then he will most probably refuse to get better. Even if he did, he will just come out and relapse. Because of that, it is important that the need to seek treatment should come from his mouth, and you can only do that by following the next tip.

Explain How It Is Affecting the Family

Because addiction affects not only the individual, but the whole family, your relative who is suffering from it should understand this. When delivering this information, use the terms “me” or “I” instead of “you” so you can reach out properly. Also, let him envision how his life as well as your family will be in a much better position if he gets treatment.

Give Him Options

When talking about treatment, it is important to give him a choice so he will not feel that he is being backed into a corner. By telling him the options that he can seek to get better, your family member will think that he is in control of the situation, though in reality, it is you who prompted it in the first place.

Be There Every Step of the Way

Your relative should not feel abandoned by you. Show your support from the beginning. If you can, try not to be judgmental about the situation.

Though addiction is hard to treat, it is not impossible as long as the family sticks together. Do not let your relative hit his lowest point before you do something about it. Rather, try to convince him as early as now.

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