Still Hot? What You Can Do to Improve Your Comfort

When the spring and summer months come around we all know how hot it can get. When the thermometer climbs into the high-90s and low-100s, chances are you’re really feeling the heat and relying on your AC to keep you comfortable.

However, running the AC all the time isn’t always your best bet if you don’t want to have whopping bills. You’ll also be putting your AC unit at risk.

There’s also a good chance that there are better alternatives, at least during part of the year. Use this guide to help you make sure you’re comfortable without having huge bills.

Use Windows Right

When it’s very hot in the summer you really can’t leave your windows open. After all, if you do you’ll just be letting hot air in that won’t make your home any cooler. Using the AC is simply a better alternative.

In the afternoon and evening though, especially when it’s late summer, you’ll likely be able to open your windows to bring in some cool air. This will help you stay more comfortable in your home while giving your AC a break.

If you leave your windows open through the night just make sure you shut them before it gets too hot outside. You don’t want the mid-day heat coming into your home.

Upgrade Your Windows

Windows keep cool air in and warm air out in the summer, but if you have old windows that don’t work to well you could have to blast the AC. Instead, upgrade windows in your home and save a considerable amount of money.

Look for lo-E windows or filled windows designed to make your home a whole lot more efficient, and make sure to have them installed by a quality team like the folks at Arlington Roofers to ensure maximum energy savings.

Repair Your AC Unit

A big part of remaining comfortable in your home means running the AC in the spring and summer months. While there’s nothing wrong with running your AC you need to make sure that it is in good shape if you want it to be as efficient as possible.

For the most part, maintaining your AC unit means making sure that you have regular service calls at least once or twice per year. You can find a variety of different companies that handle AC repair Boston residents trust.

Regular service calls will save you a lot in repair bills over the life of your AC unit.

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