Dealing with a Troubled Teen

Your son is your pride and joy, your greatest gift in life. You only want the best for him as you focus on the present to give him opportunities for a bright future. If you have seen changes in him as the teen years set in, you are not alone. Many young people struggle during adolescence as their bodies change, they seek their identities, and face the crushing burden of peer pressure. When your child closes himself off from you or starts making negative choices that could take him down the wrong road, you need to get help before it is too late.

Have a Heart to Heart Talk

The first step is to talk with your teen. Find a time and a place where there are no other distractions. Turn off the television and put the phones away. Give your son your undivided attention. You might be at home or choose to go to one of your favorite places. Let your son know that you are concerned and try to get to the bottom of any problems that he is experiencing. You may be able to find answers together.

Monitor Your Teen’s Activities

No parent wants to feel like a spy, but you need to know what your teen is doing and where he is going. Keep tabs on him after school, in the evenings, and weekends. Take advantage of the GPS feature on cell phones to know where he is when you are at work. Check his computer activity and his room when he is not home. If your teen is running with the wrong crowd or his actions could harm him, you need to know what is going on.

Seek Counseling

When your efforts fail, it’s time to seek professional help. Speak with your school psychologist or your family physician to find someone who can talk with your son about the troubles that are affecting him. Consider joining your child to prove you are part of a team. If you need further intervention to help your teen turn his life around, turn to therapeutic boarding schools like the Wood Creek Academy. Your son will receive comprehensive services that are geared toward individuals who are experiencing similar problems during the teen transition. With the proper guidance and other young adults facing the same type of situation, your son can find his way through this difficult time.

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