Making Your Child Clean Conscious

Early in your child’s life, he should know that cleaning and prettifying the house is a team effort. Just because he sees you mopping, sweeping, and wiping does not mean that he cannot contribute in his own way. By teaching your kid how to be clean-conscious, he can help as early as now and will even carry this good habit as he grows.

Simple Steps to Teach Your Child the Value of Cleanliness:

  • Set Clear Expectations- Your child will not know where to start if you do not give instructions. With that in mind, tell him what he can and cannot organize. For example, give him the responsibility of organizing his toys after he played with it, as well as putting his clothes in the proper compartment. Go for simple tasks, especially for younger kids. Create a checklist that he can follow so he will not forget about his responsibilities.
  • Make It Fun- Cleaning does not have to be all task and chores. It can be a fun-filled activity that is done with the family. Why not tell each other stories or listen to music while organizing stuff. Also, you can cook a scrumptious meal or snack as a reward for him after he is done. With this, he will learn to enjoy cleaning and may even look forward to it in the future.
  • Be An Example- As parents are the primary examples of their children, make it a point to show him that you clean and organize regularly. You may be busy in life, but if you want to impart a valuable lesson to your kid, take it upon yourself to be more hygienic around the house, as well as your body.
  • Do Not Do It for them- Sometimes it is easier to arrange things yourself, especially when you see that your kid’s room is messy and dirty. But it will give them an idea to skip cleaning because you will do it for them anyway, so avoid this at all cost.

Teaching your child the importance of cleaning will have a huge impact in his life later on. It will affect his lifestyle, and even when he has his own family. So make sure that you are consistent with this because it will help him not only now, but in the future too.

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